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Animal protein, meat and fish

The dog is related to the wolf, and they are carnivores with a formidable arsenal morphological, anatomical and physiological to eat and digest live prey.

Therefore the meat is the first ingredient of all our recipes, and they all present a high content of animal proteins.

We offer your companions, carnivores of nature, a real return to the sources. The formulation of our food is thought to make the central place to animal proteins, to best meet the nutritional needs of your dog.

Grain free

Rich in protein, our recipes contain no trace of cereals or gluten, this helps to improve digestive comfort and prevents food sensitivities. Foods without cereals allow for faster digestion and therefore optimized nutrient assimilation. Meat must remain the first ingredient in their diet to respect their integrity and well-being.


Recipes with high meat content

With 40% fresh meat, it is the biologically appropriate diet for carnivores, namely a large proportion of meat, a small amount of vegetables and fats.

A range of grain free foods

A real return to the sources

Canadian Recipes

Our tasty, healthy and nutritious recipes have been inspired
by nature and love for animals. Canadian forests are an endless
source of raw materials. The proximity of streams or lakes allows this
ecosystem to have high value. Environmental conservation enables
to keep an exemplary heritage. An example to be followed to develop
quality nutrition for the health of our pets.


Nutritional benefits

To ensure a complete and well-balanced nutrition throughout your dog’s life, we select appropriate additives to ensure good metabolism.

Joint support
Weight Control
Energy & vitality