High meat content

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fresh meat
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dehydrated meat
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fruits & vegetables

Meat 1st ingredient

Proteins must be the major fraction of kibble, they represent the ideal diet of our companions. 56% of caloric intake must be in the form of animal protein! Remember, the dog is akin to the wolf, and they are carnivores with a formidable morphological, anatomical and physiological arsenal for eating and digesting live prey.

That's why meat is the first ingredient of all our recipes. It is carefully selected, and is of European origin only.


Fruits, vegetables and beneficial herbs

Fruits and legumes added in limited amounts in our recipes provide the necessary intake of vitamins, minerals and fiber.

In addition, the blend of beneficial herbs that have an anti-inflammatory effect and detoxifying properties helps strengthen the immune system.

Grain free

Our recipes do not contain cereals or gluten, to avoid food disorders and intolerances as much as possible and to facilitate digestion. Meat must remain the main food of our carnivores.

Cereals have never been part of the diet of dogs, wild or domestic. The internal anatomy of domestic dogs is characteristic of that of carnivores. The starch contained in the cereals are not degraded because the dogs do not secrete amylase in the saliva, that is why the cereals are very tiring the digestive system of the dog, and more particularly the pancreas.

Cereals are therefore very unattractive for the dog because they bring only carbohydrates, but very little nutrients and vitamins. Today, in our homes, our dogs are largely assimilated to omnivores while all the anatomical, physiological and biological elements demonstrate its highly meaty diet, based on the hunting of animal prey. Foods without cereals allow for faster digestion and therefore optimized nutrient assimilation. This helps to improve digestive comfort and prevents food sensitivities.

Ingredients of European origin

Our principle is to select the best quality of raw materials to be sure to provide and ensure the maximum nutritional benefits in our recipes. We carefully choose our suppliers according to European legislation, one of the strictest in the world in terms of food safety.

We make pet food healthy for generations to come !

It has been proven that our dogs still share the DNA of the ancient canine, and a part of the wolves one. At Natura Wolf our aim is to give to our domestic pets the food that contain all the appropriate ingredients and nutrition they need throughout life. Moreover, we focus on last researches of nutritional epigenetics. Nutritional epigenetics seeks to explain the effects of nutrition on gene expression. Rather than the chemical conversion of food to energy and body matter of classic metabolism, food is now also a conditioning environment that shapes the activity of the genome and the physiology of the body. Nutritional epigenetics is the study of the effects of nutrition on gene expression. It is the outside environment, in this case, the kind and quantity of food eaten by an animal, changing their inside constitution at the molecular level.
Nutrition and chemical pollutants are two important environmental factors that impact health (both human and animal).
Our responsibility as a world citizen and as pet food producer is to take it into consideration as the quality of your pet’s diet is directly related to his health.
We lead, others follow !