Proudly Canadian Recipes

Our tasty, healthy and nutritious recipes have been inspired by nature and love for animals. Canadian forests are an endless
source of raw materials. The proximity of streams or lakes allows this ecosystem to have high value. Environmental conservation enables to keep an exemplary heritage. An example to be followed to develop quality nutrition for the health of our pets.


Developed by our Canadian Nutritionist

In Canada, nature reigns. Our recipes were naturally developed by our veterinary nutritionists.

The brand born of passion

Our animals before profit

Olivier, the creator of the brand, is a breeder of Siberian Husky. He can boast of having won more than 200 international beauty championship titles, and several World Champion and European titles have been won by his dogs. At the time, he was going on an expedition with his sled dogs, but he did not find the quality of feeding necessary for the activity of his dogs. Thus, in 1995, he began to produce food by looking for quality suppliers and by developing kibble rich in animal proteins. More than a brand, Natura Wolf is a state of mind dedicated to a better diet.

Animated by the passion of our animals

Our goal is to contribute at our level to the well-being of our companions, producing the highest level of nutrition. We want to be able to give our four-legged friends the best food we can create, but also to offer quality nutritional advice and information.

We want to do the right thing to help move the industry forward and change mindset. All Natura Wolf products are proudly manufactured by a family-owned company and are distributed worldwide.